The reality of trials

’ll never forget the day my world fell apart. I was living a fulfilled, happy, normal life until the day doctors removed a 5-pound cancerous tumor from my body. That day I lost not only my sense of security, but also my voice when the doctors accidentally severed the nerve to my vocal cords. The weeks that followed were painful and scary. Even when the doctors told me I would survive, every day brought a new humiliation. It felt like the bottom had fallen out of the life I thought was going so well.

Every day, I asked the same question. Why?

We will all face troubles in life. It’s just a question of when. And we won’t always get the answer to the “why” question right away. We aren’t the only ones who struggle. Christians around the world face terrible circumstances and often endure persecution and death for their faith. While we likely won’t face struggles like theirs, we still face hard times. Trials come for all di erent reasons — we shouldn’t be surprised when they reach us, too. And when we don’t get the answers we want, we can be sure that God is still on our side. He loves us so much! He is always in control, no matter what trial we are facing.

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