Peace, help, and hope for tomorrow

Just after Christmas in 2004, I watched the news as a tsunami destroyed parts of India, Thailand, and other parts of Asia. I pulled together the leadership of World Help, and we worked to get aid out right away. I went to visit the tsunami zone with a small team, and I met parents who had lost their children and whole villages of people who hadn’t received any supplies yet. I was able to talk with people I would normally never talk to, and I was able to bring aid, such as food, grief counseling, and more to those who needed it desperately. But most importantly, I was able to relate to them in their own “why” moments because of the storm God had allowed me to go through.

When I faced cancer, I never dreamed that God was preparing me for the life I have now. But I know that my battle with cancer is the reason I am who I am today. I have experienced joy, friendships, and divine purpose. I am grateful for cancer because it gave me a passion for others. This passion is the triumph of my tragedy.

The trials you face are designed to make you stronger — you can make it through and come out triumphant! Your story is important, and your struggles and victories are valuable. God loves you so much that He knows every hair on your head. Although you face trials, you are more than a conqueror!

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