I hope this book has given you a new perspective on su ering. My journey with cancer was di icult, but I am grateful for it because I know that it made me who I am today. I pray that you will also find strength in your struggles. If you’re looking for more biblical encouragement to help you through the storms in your life, dive deeper into the final chapter of the book. Starting on page 162, you’ll find a list of verses that can help you with whatever you’re facing right now. I call this section “God’s promises: Throwing out the lifeline” because that’s exactly what these verses were for me — a lifeline of hope!

Whatever you’re facing, know that you aren’t alone. Better days are coming! And the grace of God is always with you. I pray you will never forget to trust in Him no matter what. And I hope that even if you never learn the answer to the question, “Why?” you will still find triumph in your tragedy.

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