The battle of emotion

One Sunday at 6 p.m., I shook my fist at God in frustration. It was late, and I was tired and angry ... but I knew that was no excuse. I felt embarrassed and guilty until I found a book on my shelf about depression. Reading that book encouraged me. And it helped someone else, too.

The next day I got a call from a pastor suffering from depression. He asked for my help, and I told him everything I had learned from the book. Afterward, we cried and prayed together. It was a reminder that God can use me even at my weakest. Just a few days later, a football player told me that God had called him to pray for me that Sunday at 6 p.m. Even when I was angry and defiant, God was still looking out for me and calling me to Himself.

The storms of life often seem designed to tear us apart. First, they hit us like bombshells, catching us off-guard. Even when we try to act like everything is normal, our lives still feel broken. It’s easy to slip into loneliness and to think that no one understands or cares for us. But this isn’t true! Every time we hit rock bottom, God is there to pick us up. Even when it seems like life will never be the same, God can use our tragedies for good. We just have to have faith! God can and will still use us, even when our lives seem broken beyond repair. All we have to do is take the trials one day at a time and let Him do the rest.

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