The reason for trials

For a long time in my cancer journey, I felt like I was strong. But soon I began to realize how afraid I was. I was afraid of dying. I remember when my friend Ed Dobson told me I had three options: turn my back on God, run from reality, or accept my circumstances.

I knew that God was telling me to accept what He was doing in my life, and I did. It wasn’t easy, but I learned to trust Him with my life, my future, and my family.

Bad things happen to us all the time, and it can be easy to question why God allows them. But I’ve learned that there is always a reason. God calls us to persevere through our trials.

Perseverance isn’t deliverance from trials; it’s endurance through them.
it’s endurance through them. And endurance is a process. Often we want God to deliver us from our circumstances, but we are called to wait on Him. In the meantime, He will give us the strength to endure. God always has a purpose for our trials, and He won’t leave us alone to face them.

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