The power of prayer

Near the beginning of my battle with cancer, the radiation treatments stopped working. I switched to chemo and often was near death. My friends at Liberty University, where I served as vice president, saw how I was struggling and decided to do something drastic. They planned a “Miracle Day of Prayer.” Students filled the chapel on campus for 24 hours straight to pray for my healing. I attended for as long as I could, but even when I could no longer be there, they stayed. I still meet students who remember that day of prayer. I believe that the prayers they offered for me were an integral part of my recovery.

Prayer is such a blessing when we face life’s challenges. Struggles encourage us to pray more often and more fervently. And it’s not just prayers for deliverance that help. Prayers of thanksgiving and praise can be a lifeline of encouragement and hope. Whether we’re facing a trial or not, prayer is so important! Our prayers should be personal and honest, full of gratitude and repentance. When we ask God to meet our needs we have to leave those needs with Him. By leaving our troubles at His feet, we give ourselves the ability to walk away unburdened. Gather people around you to pray with you and remind you to pray, and watch as it makes a difference in your life.

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