Finding strength in the Lord

Cancer was exhausting, and midway through my treatment, I realized that I was not doing well emotionally. My wife and I attended a concert just to get out of the house. While I was waiting for the concert to start, a wave of loneliness hit me. I felt as if no one in the world understood what I was going through. The loneliness paralyzed me. But then the singer started singing a song that reminded me of the suffering of Christ.

I realized that Jesus understood what I was facing.
During that song, my friend got out of his seat and put his arm around me. I cried as I began to understand that I had friends around me who supported me and that God always cared for me.

We don’t always have to be strong — when we run out of our own strength, we can rely on God. He always knows what we are facing and exactly how to encourage us and help us become stronger.

Christians around the world, in places such as China and North Korea, have learned to rely on God in the face of extreme persecution. And they’ve seen the church grow as a result. They know that faith grows the more it is tested.

If we commit our lives to God — even when struggles come — and lean on His plan for our lives, we can live with no regrets. If we trust in Him, we never have to feel alone.

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