Looking past our trials

One Fourth of July in the middle of my battle with cancer, I went to a block party with all my neighbors. Not all of them were Christians, but I knew they weren’t interested in being witnessed to. A next-door neighbor asked me how I had coped with chemo, and I saw an opportunity. I asked her to repeat the question a little louder, and when everyone went silent, I shared how God had helped me through my journey with cancer. In that moment, my cancer journey wasn’t about me. It was about all the people I could reach because of my struggles.

Realizing that my struggle wasn’t just about me was freeing. Often in my journey with cancer I became selfish and self-centered. Once my wife even called me out on it! Taking a step back is refreshing — life’s not all about us, after all. Knowing that takes some of the pressure off. God used my cancer to make me a better witness for the Gospel. He molded me into the man I am today. My trial was about sharing the hope and love of Jesus with others, and so is yours. Be encouraged — God still has a good plan for your life!

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