In the middle of the town of Enterprise, Alabama, there’s a statue of a boll weevil. It’s a monument to the greatest tragedy the town has ever faced — the year boll weevils wiped out the entire cotton crop. Cotton was the only thing the town grew. But out of desperation, they decided to plant peanuts instead. And growing peanuts made them more money than they had ever made from cotton! They quickly realized that the boll weevils had been a blessing in disguise. I think of my cancer the same way.

When I was young, I rebelled against my parents. In my adult years, I struggled to rebuild my relationship with my father. But when I got cancer I realized how important it was to reconnect with him. We talked, and he forgave me. After my first operation, he sent me a letter telling me how much he loved me. That letter is my boll weevil statue. If I had gained nothing else from cancer, it would have been worth it just to reconnect with my father.

A relationship with my father isn’t the only blessing from my struggle with cancer. I also built the faith to believe God in impossible situations. I learned about the importance of prayer. I began to appreciate my family and friends more. And I gained a greater platform to minister to others.

All the dificult times I went through brought me closer to God and reminded me what was important in life.
Cancer was a greater gift than I ever expected.

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