After battling cancer, I had a weak immune system, but my doctor let me go on a mission trip to Africa as long as I promised to be careful. I intended to follow his directions — until I arrived in a village in Africa and met a young girl. She was filthy, her nose was runny, and there were open sores all over her body. At first, I was disgusted. But then God reminded me how much He loved her. Feeling guilty, I picked up the little girl and held her tightly. And while I held her, all her family came flooding out of the hut, and several hundred others from the village gathered around. They saw someone who had compassion for them, and they trusted us.

No matter what we’re going through, we are called to have compassion for those around us. Jesus is the perfect example of this. He loved others with His actions, even when it cost Him everything.

And when we live our lives with compassion, big things happen
Three years later, everyone in that African village had become a Christian thanks to the compassion of the students on that mission trip who served them. When we are compassionate toward others, we can forget our own problems and tap into the blessing of helping someone else.

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