Answers to weather the storms of life

Are you facing a struggle right now? Maybe you never imagined that your life would be this hard. Or maybe things are going well for you today. Whether you are facing storms now or not, they are a reality of the Christian life. We all face them.

My biggest storm was cancer. Although it was a di icult time of my life, it taught me valuable lessons — lessons about myself, about God, and about the reality of su ering. Those lessons were so valuable to me that I wrote the book Why to share them with others.

Through this 10-part study, you will learn more about how to face su ering well. It will help you learn more from the book and will give you the tools you need to endure the storms in your life. When you grow to accept that God has a reason for every “why” moment — even if He doesn’t make it clear to you right away — I promise, you will grow to have a deeper, more satisfying relationship with Him. And you will begin to see how you can help others going through similar circumstances.

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